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Tricks Meet Single Guys

Practise doing this every single time you go out until it becomes second nature, people are automatically drawn to others who are friendly and open. Obviously not all of these people will be single guys, but one day one of them might be and you need to be ready to act on the opportunity to get to know him by starting up a conversation with him.

The art of knowing how to meet single guys is to go to the places where they are likely to hang out such as football matches, the gym, swimming pools, sports clubs, concerts, dog walking in the park. It is helpful if you also have an interest in the same activity as you will instantly have something in common. It will then be much easier to start a conversation.

Try and go to the same place regularly if you have seen someone you like the look of. Take things slowly. Start off by making eye contact, smiling and saying hello. Do this every time you see

Attract Shy Girls

Find Out What They Like

Before you can ever even ask a shy girl out, you need to know what they like. You need to learn about books, movies, and other things that they are passionate about. Sometimes you are going to have to just involve yourself in interests that are specifically their own. If you can do that, you will have an opening to talk to them with. For instance, many enjoy young adult novels, which means you may have to read one, or two. If not, then you’ll need to show interest and perhaps ask them what they recommend. Then get them talking. If you can do that, they’ll start to open a little. Keep an open mind when figuring out how to attract shy girls.

Make A Point To Ask Bigger Questions

When you’re approaching the topic of how to attract shy girls, you need to look at asking questions. You have to speak to girls of this nature with open ended questions. Don’t just ask how their day was. Ask

Dress Perfectly when First Date

1. Go Red

Red is the most opted for color when it comes to dates. Men respond well to red and are attracted to it (research proven!). So if you want to look drop dead gorgeous go for a little red dress along with your fine jewelry. It doesn’t always have to be a red dress, you can use a red skirt with a leather jacket or a red blouse but if you think red is not your color, add red to you look by using a simple red lipstick.

2. The Summer Look

You need to look relaxed and happy on your date even if there is a tornado of emotions inside you, so in order to do that go for the perfect summer look. Choose soft fabrics and prints with are feminine and give a happy feel. A summer dress or a plain silk dress with heels works absolutely fine. It needs to be subtle but quirky as well. You don’t the guy to think that you are too subtle as well.


Avoid The Friend Zone

There’s a very simple reason why too many guys end up in the friend zone. When you see a woman for the first time, you make the mistake of asking her out like a wimp. You basically say something along these lines: “Hey! My friends and I are having a barbecue on Friday night. Why don’t you bring some of your friends over and we’ll all get together.”

What you should be doing is asking her out on definitive date. If you don’t do this, she’ll end up not having a clue whether or not you’re sexually attracted to her. To make things worse, when you do go out with her, you treat her the same way you would treat a friend. For instance, there’s no physical contact at all because you’re afraid to touch her, or you’re afraid to look her directly in her eye and to cap it all off, at the end of the date you’re scared to grab her and go in for a kiss. In a nutshell, you act like a wimp and she leaves the date feeling like you’re not attracted to her. So naturally, she immediately throws you into

Romantic Home Dates

Prepare their favorite food

Create a banquet of their favorite food. You can choose two courses with appetizer and dessert. For the years of being were together, you definitely learn a thing or two of their favorite things. So, choose one or two that will appeal to the taste buds of your partner. You can top it off with a fancy wine from the liquor store a few blocks from home. Finish this off through serving it in a cheesy restaurant-styled table arrangement. Can you imagine the fun (or disaster) while making this surprise dinner?

Recreate the first date

Step-up the surprise by recreating your first date. You can wear that shirt or dress you wore on the first date. You can spout few cheesy lines that you remember stuttering during that date, and have a good laugh about it. The night may not end up successfully in replaying the first date, but it will make you realize how far you have come as a couple. This will remind you why you chose to be together in the first place.

Foam bath with flower petals

After that delicious dinner, you and your partner

Be Good Girlfriend

Be open. Don’t be distant and secretive. Be affectionate and demonstrative with your feelings, smile and laugh a lot, talk to each other and use positive body language. He will love you more for making him feel good about himself and be able to see potential in the relationship.

Like Yourself. Women who are comfortable with themselves are much more attractive to men. He does not enjoy constantly having to boost your ego or listen to you pull yourself down. Learn to love yourself first and your man will love you back.

Don’t play mind games. Men like to know exactly where they stand, so don’t expect him to second-guess what it is you want. Always be clear and upfront with your wants and needs so that he knows what you are asking of him.

Don’t over-criticize him. Men, like women, need approval. If you are always criticizing him, he may feel that he can never please you, so will start to pull away. Instead of criticizing, tell him what he does well and he will automatically want to do more.

Don’t take advantage. The old-fashioned attitude that the man should pay for everything

Impress Guy on First Date

Carry yourself well. The way you walk and carry yourself attracts and impress men. It is necessary to dress appropriately and put some effort on your overall looks and style for your first date but it is how you carry yourself that can really impress a guy on a first date. Even if you made a great effort on your looks but failed to carry yourself with confidence, then your date won’t be impressed. Your appearance matters but your good looks must be coupled with confidence to be able to make a lasting impression on your first date. If you are comfortable and confident with yourself, then you are on the right path to impress a guy on a first date.

Ask him to talk about himself. The first date is a getting to know each other and although it is not advisable to divulge everything about yourself on a first date, it is not good to be so quiet. Most men expect that women love to talk about themselves but it will be a good surprise if you will show interest and ask him to talk about his job, career, hobbies, family, etc. It means that

Make Men Want You

The thing is, we cannot control the process (just so you know, neither can a guy, and if he likes you, he’s probably just as scared as you about messing things up).

And if you try to push him to seal the deal, you may get him to do that, only to wake up one morning and realize he’s not the right guy for you.

What you need to do is take a deep breath. Say to yourself, “This person may be right for me. Then again, he may not. I am willing to relax, see what happens, and find out.

Here’s your new motto:

“Let’s see what happens.”

So you go out with him without the intention of making a good impression or “getting him to the next level.” You go with the intention of looking and feeling and being your best and enjoying your time with him. You listen to learn more about him. You look to see more about him. You laugh. You have fun. You are there to see what happens.

Your new attitude has a lovely side benefit:

He picks up on it. He feels your

Inexpensive Date

Make A Meal Together

It is always nice to enjoy a special meal together on a date. Sometimes, though, going out to eat can be quite costly. Enjoy the special meal without the large expense by making a meal together. Not only will you get to save money while enjoying delicious cuisine, but you’ll also get to spend quality time together and make a new memory as you prepare the meal together.

Have a Game Night

Enjoy some quality bonding time as you and your significant other play your favorite games. Bring out some childhood favorites, or even learn a new game together. Playing games is the perfect fun and frugal way to spend your date.

Visit a Museum

Expand your cultural horizons as you and your date stroll hand in hand through a museum. Many museums are free or have a low admission cost, making this the perfect fun thing to do for an inexpensive date. A museum provides plenty of interesting conversation starters and is a great place for enjoying time with your significant other.

Check Out a Free Concert in the Park

Many cities and towns offer free

Approachable to Guys

Don’t appear too busy. You want to meet and attract guys so leave the books at home and don’t be too occupied with your phone. Don’t appear too busy that guys might think twice approaching you. If you are too occupied, you might miss the chance to glance at him and make eye contact. If you are with a group of friends and you feel someone stealing glances at you and seem want to approach you, walk away for a few minutes and give him opportunities to approach you. Do not be too occupied to be more approachable to guys.

Use eye contact. Exchanging eye contact and a few stolen glimpses can help send a message without saying a single word. When you caught someone staring at you every now and then and he seem really interesting, build eye contact. Lock eyes for a few second and immediately look down or look away and smile. Most men find women who are willing to exchange glances more approachable. Be careful not to overdo it because he may think that you are too easy.

Avoid going out with a big group of friends or hang out with your

Get Soul Mate

1. Get yourself out there.

If you expect to get your mate at some point, chances are that you are going to take part in an exciting activity known as dating. Dating can be a hassle, and occasionally more than disappointing. However, dating can take a lot of forms and with a little bit of confidence, self-respect and creativity, you can find the person of your dreams.

Attend functions, social events and concerts. These are ideal locations where you can find the right person for you. The world is mysterious and the more you attend events that interest you, the higher your chances of meeting that special person.

Make your public profile quite fascinating, engaging and honest. This is what people will first digest when they look at your profile.

Make a genuine effort to reach out people. Take your time to craft engaging messages and send them to the social channels.

2. Do not make the same mistakes again.

Dating can be tough, and if you want to get a mate, you have to respect and be committed to dating

Do not put yourself into abusive relationships, as abusive relationships

Man Dating Over 60

She is still emotional

You might be expecting that because she has had her fair share of ups and downs in life that she has toughened up. In as much as this could be true, the emotional side of the woman is likely to remain just as sensitive and you must be very careful how you treat and deal with her emotions. Women are very easy to please and just as easy to hurt because they attach emotions, even to the things that look very small to you. Think before you say or do anything to you are able to handle her well emotionally.

She has true feelings

Just because you have met a few women who had nothing much going on but playing for fun does not mean that every woman you meet will be the same. Women over 60 are still capable of developing very strong feelings and the truth is that because they know what they are after, they will rarely have time to play games with their true feelings. The least you can do is to get in touch with her true feelings and you will not only manage to place

Avoid Being Friendzoned

Learn to be more attractive. Sometimes men are friendzoned because they are not attractive enough to the opposite sex. The good thing is that attractiveness is not an inborn trait, you can learn how to be more attractive physically and personality wise. By increasing the level of your attractiveness, you can avoid being friendzoned. If you are too shy and lacks self-confidence, you can learn to be more sociable and confident to increase your level of attractiveness. Social skills can be very attractive to the opposite sex. When it comes to physical appearance, there are physical aspects that you can improve to be more attractive without a major plastic surgery. You can improve your physical appearance by learning to dress well and groom well. Keeping a good posture, staying fit or staying physically active and healthy are attractive physical traits to most women.

Make your intentions clear from the beginning. What most men are afraid of is outright rejection so they sometimes choose the safe path like acting as a friend because it is easier. This approach creates confusion to the other party and uncertainty on your part. Creating confusion from the start by not communicating what

Relationship Mistakes Guys

You should not get intimate with her because of her high social class or personality. I have observed that guys from humble background often partake in this act in order to gain some influential and financial advantages.

You should work out better ways for yourself to feel useful and not rely on other’s advantages. It makes people think little of you if you are always looking out to them for certain privileges.

You should stop judging your lady too often. It makes her feel invaluable, flexible and feasible to make more mistakes. Your relationship should not be feasible to mistakes. You have to encourage her to be better, improve and grow.

In a relationship, whenever you want to correct or impact, you should be watchful of your words and its influence on your audience. You should not use wrong words to correct her. It will make her feel little of herself and possibly make her feel unwanted and unappreciated. This alone could drive her away.

If you truly love her, learn from her how you could possibly transform her.

Exercising too much control over her will drive her away from you. This will

Information of Single Parent Dating


To be honest, no one is too old for a date! Everyone deserves some love in their lives! There is absolutely no reason for you to feel insecure about yourself, post your big breakup. Put your past behind you, be confident, and step into the arena with your head held high. Nothing is sexier that a healthy dose of confidence.


Getting back into the dating game is not easy. Apart from the emotional turmoil, there is always the fear that you are far from your ‘A’ Game, physically. For some it’s post baby weight for others they have just let themselves go. Just get yourself out, wear your snazziest clothes and take along your charming personality, that should do the trick. In case you still aren’t convinced, a wardrobe change is a quick fix and a structured workout schedule a more long term solution.


You are probably juggling multiple things and time to date and find the man/woman of your dreams almost seems impossible. It’s more about prioritizing and finding the small windows of opportunity as a start.

Show Your Sensitive Side

Learn To Dance

The next way that you can show a bit of a different side is to learn how to dance. I kid you not. Most men don’t take lessons. That’s where you will be different. Go forward and learn how to dance right. Not just close quarters, but ballet and salsa and more. The more you can move, the more you will show her that you’re a lot different than others and she will appreciate that you’re learning how to show your sensitive side.

Volunteer Anywhere

You want to give to others. OK, you may not “want” to, but you have to. You absolutely need to push yourself into these areas, especially when it comes to children, homeless people, and even battered women shelters. No matter where there is an opportunity, push it. The more you volunteer, the higher the chances are that you are going to show her a different side of your personality. This will help you. This is will show her that you’re amazing, and that she can trust you. Just go this route, and you’ll gain the upper hand, no doubt.

Dating Rules For Guys

There you are at some wedding reception, bar, event. You name it. You are trying to talk to a woman you think is attractive, but you can’t get two words in edgewise because “Mr. Funny Guy” is running his obnoxious mouth. Has this ever happened to you? – Probably!

So basically, what you want to do is just stay cool, make funny comments here and there when the opportunity presents itself. This lets the woman know you are interested in chatting with her and gives her an “out” when “Mr. Funny Guy” is either done or she has had enough.

You don’t have to be the loudest guy in the room or be the center of attention to get a woman’s attention. So don’t try and talk over Mr. Funny Guy. Doing this would mean you would have to be louder and more obnoxious! Ugh! Eventually Mr. Funny Guy will shoot himself in the foot. He is usually just annoying half the people around anyway, and the woman you are trying to talk too will eventually get tired of his antics and move on. – And if you have been inserting comments when you’ve had the

Avoiding Dating Disasters

There is no scientific basis for what I share, and this commentary is intended almost exclusively for women, as I believe that a woman’s profoundly unique inclinations to operate as nurturers and helpmates also tend to make us prime abuser-bait. So as you consider re-entering this realm, these are a few things I would urge you to remember.

  • Remember that you need time to heal. You may never heal completely, but you need to be sufficiently healthy and emotionally strong enough to recognize unsafe or unhealthy men and walk away from them without blinking. There is no specific timeline for testing those waters; however, if you are dangerously fragile and are torn between jumping in or waiting a while longer, please wait. Time for healing and a balanced measure of wholeness are important pursuits and should not be rushed. Furthermore, loneliness is a poor motivation and could leave you vulnerable. You need to be okay by yourself before you can be okay with someone else.
  • Remember the needs of your children. Make sure your home base is well-covered and that your children feel secure and are able to handle any additional time you are away from

Meets Female Resistance

A man can avoid being rejected by having confidence in his own ability to advance and sustain the relationship through his decisive actions that are based on the emotions that he is currently feeling for the woman.

Once she knows how you feel, she will begin testing your confidence, ability and courage to do whatever it is you want to do with her.

When you meet a girl, you need to be interested in her for more than just her body. And you must stay calm.

If she’s your goal, she’ll become attracted to you as you calmly pass her resistance tests.

You found her. Now she intends to find you!

Probably the biggest reason why women want a man “to just be himself,” is because attracting a woman is not about anything fake. It’s not about pick-up lines. It’s about you! And how she relates to you.

You’ll be tested by her to reveal your confidence, patience, emotional calmness, ability, courage, assertiveness, persistence, aggression, playfulness, your vision of the future, how you control your social environment, and if you are happy where you are in your life.

If you have

About Terrible Kiss

The problem is a lot of guys really don’t know how to kiss a girl. Ask any woman what a bad kiss is and she will tell you:

1. Too hard

2. Rough lips

3. Too Wet

4. Too much tongue

5. Bad Breath

6. No Passion

What a lot of people don’t know is, kissing is a very important factor in a healthy relationship and sex life!

There is an art to kissing and you have to master it!

Guys have been trying to master this art for ever, but never really get to the point where they get it right. Don’t get me wrong,there are some girl who are not good at this too.

I think that the biggest mistake that you guys make in your quest to learn how to kiss, is that guys take tips from their friends and that just leads to disaster!

That’s just like asking a guy with two left feet to teach you how to dance!

Some people will never admit that they are the one who is a disappointing kisser. They dread that moment when all is