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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Avoid Being Friendzoned

Learn to be more attractive. Sometimes men are friendzoned because they are not attractive enough to the opposite sex. The good thing is that attractiveness is not an inborn trait, you can learn how to be more attractive physically and personality wise. By increasing the level of your attractiveness, you can avoid being friendzoned. If you are too shy and lacks self-confidence, you can learn to be more sociable and confident to increase your level of attractiveness. Social skills can be very attractive to the opposite sex. When it comes to physical appearance, there are physical aspects that you can improve to be more attractive without a major plastic surgery. You can improve your physical appearance by learning to dress well and groom well. Keeping a good posture, staying fit or staying physically active and healthy are attractive physical traits to most women.

Make your intentions clear from the beginning. What most men are afraid of is outright rejection so they sometimes choose the safe path like acting as a friend because it is easier. This approach creates confusion to the other party and uncertainty on your part. Creating confusion from the start by not communicating what you really want may hurt more in the end if you eventually get dumped or friendzoned. It is best to be clear with what you want from the start and face rejection upfront if she’s not interested than use friendship as a cover but in reality you want more than that. You can move on as soon as possible and find someone who is interested in you. Stop wasting your time on someone who is not interested and get hurt in the end. Make your intentions clear and avoid being friendzoned.

Don’t appear too desperate. Sometimes men are friendzoned because they do all the work, give all the favors and act as if they are too desperate to get the girl. There are women who want to keep a man with this behavior as a friend or she wants you to stick around without the responsibility of being your girlfriend. They want the benefits from you but do not want the responsibility of having a relationship with you. To avoid being friendzoned, stop being too nice and doing all the work. It is best to allow the other person to value you and do something for you in return. After all, a relationship will not work if one is always the giver and the other is always the receiver. Both should contribute to satisfy each other’s needs. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.

Relationship Mistakes Guys

You should not get intimate with her because of her high social class or personality. I have observed that guys from humble background often partake in this act in order to gain some influential and financial advantages.

You should work out better ways for yourself to feel useful and not rely on other’s advantages. It makes people think little of you if you are always looking out to them for certain privileges.

You should stop judging your lady too often. It makes her feel invaluable, flexible and feasible to make more mistakes. Your relationship should not be feasible to mistakes. You have to encourage her to be better, improve and grow.

In a relationship, whenever you want to correct or impact, you should be watchful of your words and its influence on your audience. You should not use wrong words to correct her. It will make her feel little of herself and possibly make her feel unwanted and unappreciated. This alone could drive her away.

If you truly love her, learn from her how you could possibly transform her.

Exercising too much control over her will drive her away from you. This will cause her to hide things from you. A relationship on secrets will only produce lies and frustration. If you want to have genuine and sincere relationship, let the love affair be flexible.

Information of Single Parent Dating


To be honest, no one is too old for a date! Everyone deserves some love in their lives! There is absolutely no reason for you to feel insecure about yourself, post your big breakup. Put your past behind you, be confident, and step into the arena with your head held high. Nothing is sexier that a healthy dose of confidence.


Getting back into the dating game is not easy. Apart from the emotional turmoil, there is always the fear that you are far from your ‘A’ Game, physically. For some it’s post baby weight for others they have just let themselves go. Just get yourself out, wear your snazziest clothes and take along your charming personality, that should do the trick. In case you still aren’t convinced, a wardrobe change is a quick fix and a structured workout schedule a more long term solution.


You are probably juggling multiple things and time to date and find the man/woman of your dreams almost seems impossible. It’s more about prioritizing and finding the small windows of opportunity as a start. A great way is to get onto online dating sites or the multiple dating apps that are there in the market. Once that is out of the way and you have options galore, schedule dates during your leisure time or on weekends.


You may want to date another single parent, obviously as there will be lots to bond over and it’s just easier since you both have a common start point. This however doesn’t mean you have to close all doors on non-parent women/men. If he/she seems understanding and mature enough, then there is nothing stopping you from going for it!


Introducing your child to your partner is something you should think about too. If you’re unsure about the longevity of your relationship, steer clear from introducing your kids. Kids tend to become attached soon and in case things go awry, it’ll add complications that you don’t need.

Show Your Sensitive Side

Learn To Dance

The next way that you can show a bit of a different side is to learn how to dance. I kid you not. Most men don’t take lessons. That’s where you will be different. Go forward and learn how to dance right. Not just close quarters, but ballet and salsa and more. The more you can move, the more you will show her that you’re a lot different than others and she will appreciate that you’re learning how to show your sensitive side.

Volunteer Anywhere

You want to give to others. OK, you may not “want” to, but you have to. You absolutely need to push yourself into these areas, especially when it comes to children, homeless people, and even battered women shelters. No matter where there is an opportunity, push it. The more you volunteer, the higher the chances are that you are going to show her a different side of your personality. This will help you. This is will show her that you’re amazing, and that she can trust you. Just go this route, and you’ll gain the upper hand, no doubt.