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About Terrible Kiss

The problem is a lot of guys really don’t know how to kiss a girl. Ask any woman what a bad kiss is and she will tell you:

1. Too hard

2. Rough lips

3. Too Wet

4. Too much tongue

5. Bad Breath

6. No Passion

What a lot of people don’t know is, kissing is a very important factor in a healthy relationship and sex life!

There is an art to kissing and you have to master it!

Guys have been trying to master this art for ever, but never really get to the point where they get it right. Don’t get me wrong,there are some girl who are not good at this too.

I think that the biggest mistake that you guys make in your quest to learn how to kiss, is that guys take tips from their friends and that just leads to disaster!

That’s just like asking a guy with two left feet to teach you how to dance!

Some people will never admit that they are the one who is a disappointing kisser. They dread that moment when all is going to be revealed on that porch, in that car, on that beach, or where ever it may be. Can you honestly say that you are a good kisser? Are you honest when you claim that the girls melt to your kiss? Well maybe only you know the truth about that!

When a girl allows you to kiss her, her expectations are high! She wants a nice passionate, soft kiss with the right amount of pressure, a kiss that she will remember!