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Avoid The Friend Zone

There’s a very simple reason why too many guys end up in the friend zone. When you see a woman for the first time, you make the mistake of asking her out like a wimp. You basically say something along these lines: “Hey! My friends and I are having a barbecue on Friday night. Why don’t you bring some of your friends over and we’ll all get together.”

What you should be doing is asking her out on definitive date. If you don’t do this, she’ll end up not having a clue whether or not you’re sexually attracted to her. To make things worse, when you do go out with her, you treat her the same way you would treat a friend. For instance, there’s no physical contact at all because you’re afraid to touch her, or you’re afraid to look her directly in her eye and to cap it all off, at the end of the date you’re scared to grab her and go in for a kiss. In a nutshell, you act like a wimp and she leaves the date feeling like you’re not attracted to her. So naturally, she immediately throws you into her friend zone.

Here’s the deal; if you never want to be in the friend zone again, you need to step up to the plate and act like a man by asking her out directly. Take her out one-on-one and engage in dating activities that convey to her that the outing is indeed a proper date. At the end of said date, go in, give her a kiss and let her know that she is with a guy that wants to hang out with her in an erotic male-female capacity and not as platonic friends. Display your sexual energy right from the get go and you can rest assured that she won’t be putting you anywhere near her friend zone.

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