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Dating Rules For Guys

There you are at some wedding reception, bar, event. You name it. You are trying to talk to a woman you think is attractive, but you can’t get two words in edgewise because “Mr. Funny Guy” is running his obnoxious mouth. Has this ever happened to you? – Probably!

So basically, what you want to do is just stay cool, make funny comments here and there when the opportunity presents itself. This lets the woman know you are interested in chatting with her and gives her an “out” when “Mr. Funny Guy” is either done or she has had enough.

You don’t have to be the loudest guy in the room or be the center of attention to get a woman’s attention. So don’t try and talk over Mr. Funny Guy. Doing this would mean you would have to be louder and more obnoxious! Ugh! Eventually Mr. Funny Guy will shoot himself in the foot. He is usually just annoying half the people around anyway, and the woman you are trying to talk too will eventually get tired of his antics and move on. – And if you have been inserting comments when you’ve had the chance, you can be the next thing she moves on to.

You don’t even have to be too assertive. When it comes to dating rules for guys, just making some eye contact and a few comments will let her know that you are indeed interested. So when the break comes from Mr. Funny Guy, be sure to step in. Be calm, cool and confident when you do. – And when you decide to show that you are a funny guy too, just keep your “funniness” in check. Walk the line of funny and cool.