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Inexpensive Date

Make A Meal Together

It is always nice to enjoy a special meal together on a date. Sometimes, though, going out to eat can be quite costly. Enjoy the special meal without the large expense by making a meal together. Not only will you get to save money while enjoying delicious cuisine, but you’ll also get to spend quality time together and make a new memory as you prepare the meal together.

Have a Game Night

Enjoy some quality bonding time as you and your significant other play your favorite games. Bring out some childhood favorites, or even learn a new game together. Playing games is the perfect fun and frugal way to spend your date.

Visit a Museum

Expand your cultural horizons as you and your date stroll hand in hand through a museum. Many museums are free or have a low admission cost, making this the perfect fun thing to do for an inexpensive date. A museum provides plenty of interesting conversation starters and is a great place for enjoying time with your significant other.

Check Out a Free Concert in the Park

Many cities and towns offer free concerts in the park when the weather is nice, and this setting is perfect for enjoying a date. Take in some beautiful music while gazing at the stars, all for free! Consider bringing a blanket and a basket of goodies to enjoy a picnic dinner during the concert.

Stroll the Flea Market

Visiting a local flea market is a fun, cheap, and entertaining way to spend a date. Enjoy finding new treasures and discovering more about each other’s interests as you stroll through the vendors’ booths.

Play Miniature Golf

Indulge your inner athlete by playing a fun round of miniature golf. One of the best fun things to do at a minimal cost, mini golf is a great way to spend more time with your special someone as you have fun and make new memories.

Enjoy a Dessert Date or a Lunch Date

If you and your sweetie would really like to eat out but want to stay on a budget, consider going out and just ordering dessert. Alternatively, you can consider visiting your favorite dining spot for lunch instead of dinner. Many restaurants offer a less expensive menu complete with specials for lunch.

Visit a Pick-Your-Own-Farm

Visiting a farm or orchard where you can pick your own produce is the perfect idea when you’re looking for fun things to do on your date. At most farms, guests are not charged admission, and they only pay for the produce they purchase. Consider going berry picking in the spring and summer or apple picking in the fall. For a fun challenge, hold a recipe competition between you and your special someone to see who can whip up the tastiest dish with the produce you picked.