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Show Your Sensitive Side

Learn To Dance

The next way that you can show a bit of a different side is to learn how to dance. I kid you not. Most men don’t take lessons. That’s where you will be different. Go forward and learn how to dance right. Not just close quarters, but ballet and salsa and more. The more you can move, the more you will show her that you’re a lot different than others and she will appreciate that you’re learning how to show your sensitive side.

Volunteer Anywhere

You want to give to others. OK, you may not “want” to, but you have to. You absolutely need to push yourself into these areas, especially when it comes to children, homeless people, and even battered women shelters. No matter where there is an opportunity, push it. The more you volunteer, the higher the chances are that you are going to show her a different side of your personality. This will help you. This is will show her that you’re amazing, and that she can trust you. Just go this route, and you’ll gain the upper hand, no doubt.